When you join the Gold Motel Street Team, you'll be sent a package of
promotional material (posters, flyers, stickers, postcards) which should be
hung up and handed out in your city during the weeks prior to Gold Motel
concerts in your town. To show our appreciation, Gold Motel will offer street team members
discounts in the merch store, advance news of tour dates, exclusive recordings of Gold Motel songs
special access at concerts, and our endless love and gratitude.

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To reward you all for your support and hard work, we will start awarding points to all of our street teamers. Here's a list of everything you can do for points, how many you'll get and what you can "buy" with them. If you have any questions, send us an email at goldmotelstreetteam@gmail.com.

Thank you!


Gold Motel Show Coverage: 100 points
We send you a PDF file of a tour poster, you print it out, hang it up around town, and send us at least ten photos of your work at goldmotelstreetteam@gmail.com. You'll also get into the show for free!

Competitive Show Coverage: 200 points Do something to promote Gold Motel at a similar artistís show. Make flyers and hand them out to the exiting crowd. Chalk the sidewalks leading to/from the venue. Hold posters outside. Be creative! Please clear the competing artist with us first! We want to make sure itís worth everyoneís time and promo materials. Photos/video must be sent to goldmotelstreetteam@gmail.com

Retail/Lifestyle Promo: 50 points per location
We send you posters and you find homes for them. Think about where you hang out, where your friends hang out and other people who would love Gold Motel would hang out. Record stores, coffee shops, book stores, juice bars, collegesÖ Photos must be sent to goldmotelstreetteam@gmail.com.

Everything Else: points vary
Have another rad idea to promote Gold Motel? Want to make chalk art? Send messages in a bottle with Gold Motel lyrics? Busk in the city playing Gold Motel songs? Write an album review for a school newspaper? As long as itís legal, we want you out there doing it. If you plan on doing anything too extraordinary, please clear it with us first. Photos/video must be sent to goldmotelstreetteam@gmail.com.


Social Network Posts: 10 points each
Tell your friends how much you love Gold Motel. Make sure you are @ replying the band on Facebook and Twitter so we all see it! Donít overload your friends and spam people. Weíll be limiting people to 50 points per day for this, and only 20 points per site. Screencaps must be sent to goldmotelstreetteam@gmail.com.

Message Board Posts: 15 points each
Whose fans should know about Gold Motel? Find that artistís message board or fan community and let them know about the band. Again, donít spam people and sound genuine. Screencaps must be sent to goldmotelstreetteam@gmail.com.

Gold Motel EP/Summer House Reviews: 20 points each
Love the EP or Summer House? Find either album on iTunes, Amazon, where ever you can and post a review of it. Why do you love the album? Whatís your favorite song? Screencap the review and send it to us at goldmotelstreetteam@gmail.com.

Everything Else: points vary
If you have a blog or website, post a review of Summer House. Tell your readers that the band exists. Review a show. Itís all up to you. Send screencaps in to goldmotelstreetteam@gmail.com and weíll hook you up with some points.


Postcard from the road: 200 points
Gold Motel EP: 300 points
Signed Gold Motel EP: 500 points
Summer House: 750 points
Signed Summer House: 900 points
Poster: 400 points
Signed poster: 600 points
Shirt: 1000 points
Song dedication at show: 3000 points
Entry to sound check: 5000 points
Living room show: 25000 points

Excited to see you on the road!
Greta and Gold Motel